Made in Italy Web Design

Brief: The company has a solid position in the national market. The average customer is the high-end hotel sector (Hard Rock Café, Marriot). The commercial objective is to expand to the segment of individuals with a high purchasing power. Values: vanguard, quality, trust, dedication, passion, exclusivity. Objective: to appear as a possible alternative to the domestic sector with high purchasing power without diluting the values and brand status associated with

Candelecho Restaurant Logo and Branding

The logo was developed based on two elements of the gastronomy of meats and embers: fire and iron. The intention is to convey the heat and emotions associated with the “flames”, in balance with the tradition, solidity and expertise around the grill. The selection of colors responds to the basic concepts of psychology and color theory and are especially inspired by elements associated with the preparation and consumption of meats: smoke,

Brand implementation Heat & Fresh Barcelona

The project involved a whole process of conceptualization, design, construction and decoration of  “Take Away” type restaurant. Concept was based on the restaurant´ s specialization on grilled chicken and other Catalan dishes with international influence. Based on the logo (delivered by the client) and brand values (told by the client: tradition, excellence and innovation) an entire identity was built. Likewise, aspects such as efficiency, security, use of spaces, materials, durability, utility,

Website Interface Design for Surf Camp Costa Rica.

The main objective is to build an image that reinforces the central messages that the brand wants to highlight: escape, enjoyment, disconnection, accompaniment and inclusion. For this purpose, a balanced image is proposed between adventure and security, irreverence and expertise, spontaneity and responsibility. The use of peaceful and marine colors supports exciting images. All articulated by a clean structure in a three-column grid and the use of a typographic system

Logo and Graphic Identity Design for Artte Cultural Foundation

The process of conceptualization from the visual point of view in an allegory to an identatary element of Panama such as Puente de Las Américas, sublimated in turn by the sun, resplendent and perpetual. The curved shapes allude flexibility, rhythm and openness, likewise the color palette evokes serenity and contemplation, in addition to serving, given its neutrality, as a neutral platform in which the artistic work and its colors gain full